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Project Description



Strategy Alignment
Product and Process Innovation
User Research
Human Factors Studies
Industrial Design
Product Engineering
Rapid Piloting

Smyson Enterprises was founded to address the struggle UK Housing Authorities face in maintaining gas boilers in rented properties.

Synecco Studio helped develop a smart device that solves the inherent problems associated with gas boilers by satisfying three audiences, each with very different motivations; the tenant, the Housing Authority and the maintenance technician.

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The Product

The Smyson Shield monitors maintenance intervals and levels of carbon monoxide. The iconic green halo indicates ‘all is well’, amber shows when action is due and red indicates that for safety reasons the gas has been shut off.

The threat of disconnection, displayed by the halo system in amber mode, ensures that potentially uncooperative tenants provide timely access to the property for boiler maintenance. All activations and warning messages are logged in a way to ensure that tenants rights are protected.

Wireless connectivity and GPS location, provided by the device, allows for remote monitoring and the efficient assignment of maintenance resources. A tamper-proof, swipe card feature ensures that only registered engineers can reactivate the gas thus further reassuring tenants that their homes are safe.

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The Process

This product highlights our capabilities in the development of Internet of Things (loT) devices and the design of electronic enclosures working directly with circuit board designers and manufacturers.

The aesthetic presents this authoritative device in a fresh and benign look that makes the product less intimidating while remaining focused on the tenant’s safety.

Mechanically it has many of the tamper-proof features that home security products have, and yet it is robust and easy to install, ensuring installers are not frustrated by the device. Evidence has shown that while installers rarely specify devices, they can veto those that unduly delay the installation process.