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Project Description


SPC Compact Keypad

Internet of Things Convergence
User-Centred Design
Stakeholder Analysis
Design Language
Product Styling
Functionality Problem-solving

Siemens is a global leader in state-of-the-art security systems. This SPC domestic security controller won a prestigious 2016 iF Design Award (International Forum Design GmbH).

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The Product

The key to this product’s commercial success and rapid sales growth was how well it was received by architects and homeowners alike.

The final design uses touch keys instead of traditional mechanical keys, it is both elegant and easy to keep clean. With a depth of just 17.5mm, these keypads are unobtrusive and easy to incorporate into any home or industrial environment including sanitising environments such as hospitals.

Key to the design of this device was the understanding that security keypads are only of interest to users at very specific times. The interface illuminates only when touched staying in the background, until it is needed.

With fewer moving parts, these devices are more reliable than traditional keypads as well as being easier and more cost effective to manufacture.

Security Keypad Product Design

The Process

Ergonomics and Product Styling combined to ensure that the keypad functioned well in all lighting and usage scenarios.

Our Stakeholder Analysis highlighted the importance the installer’s positive experience is to market acceptance. Research showed that while the installer is not directly involved in product selection, any difficulties in installation leads a backlash capable of damaging even the strongest of brands and discouraging procurement professionals from selecting a product that the end-user may love.

Our core expertise in Product Styling created the logical functionality, ease of use and elegant aesthetics that impressed the judges in the iF Awards judging panel, and more critically, our clients and their customers.