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Project Description


Aseptic Fluid Handling System

Strategy Framework
Intellectual Property Analysis
Manufacturing Process Mapping
Stakeholder Analysis
Design for Manufacture
Tooling/Production Handover
Regulatory Compliance Support
Management Communications

Our unique design allows for the secure and aseptic collection, storage, fortification and consumption of breast milk in the neo-natal care environment.

On sale throughout the U.S., this product is one of several Synecco Studio designed products that has helped make this company the fastest growing in their market.

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The Product

With a self-sealing port and protective cap incorporated into the lid, this design solution allows for filling, fortification with nutrients or medication and emptying in one unit. The innovative syringe style moving floor, allows for filling and emptying in one action or as multiple small volume doses.

The product ensures that there is no loss of precious fluid through spillage and no direct handling or contact with potentially contaminated surfaces. The absence of air in the system ensures that the unit’s contents stay fresh for longer.

This is one of a suite of solutions we developed for this company that has allowed them to become a significant player in the U.S. neo-natal care market in a very short period.

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The Process

Following on from the success of previous work with this client, we were asked to identify new product or performance opportunities that might result in fresh Intellectual Property.

We mapped the neo-natal feeding process, found that the number of handling steps were not just inefficient, but they also they posed a real threat to the health of the child. Patent Whitespace Analysis helped us close in on the approach most likely to lead to defendable intellectual property.

This solution highlights the effectiveness of our Inventive Problem-solving (TRIZ) and Design for Manufacture skills as the resultant patented product has moved seamlessly into production with our Contract Manufacturing colleagues.