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Project Description


Warrior Knee Brace

Intellectual Property Analysis
Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ)
Competitor Brand Analysis
Anatomical Modelling
Materials Selection

De Royal, a U.S. Medical Device company specialising in Surgery, Wound Care and Orthopaedics approached us to redesign the Warrior Post-operative Knee Brace.

This product reinvigorated DeRoyal’s product range and strengthened its IP portfolio, putting the company back to a leading position in this highly competitive market.

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The Product

The Warrior Post-operative Knee Brace is a high performance orthopaedic support used in intensive knee treatments including total knee replacement.

It was designed to exhibit the quality needed to respond to the rigorous requirements of the most demanding clinicians and professional buyers. The resultant end product conveys De Royal brand values of high quality and deep understanding of the patient needs.

The key to the design and source of its robust Intellectual Property is the intuitive and accurate ROM (Range of Motion) dial and push button height adjusters.

This product is easy to fit, offers a wide range of motion and is supportive and controllable enough to ensure the safe and progressive rehabilitation of patients.

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The Process

Patent Whitespace Analysis helped define a new opportunity in a very mature market. Inventive Problem-solving (TRIZ) helped us devise a rich set of concepts capable of delivering the performance required.

Every step involved extensive use of prototypes, crude mock-up, test jigs and real world testing. Human Factors Studies equipped us with a knowledge of the anatomy and dynamics of the knee, which is a complicated and highly stressed joint. Ergonomic studies allowed us understand the procedure the clinician uses to fit and adjust the device as well as a deep appreciation of the users issues associated with wearing such a supportive brace.

This fully documented and risk-managed project optimised production costs for the De Royal plant which was responsible for making the product, while our plastics expertise ensured the mechanism was both novel and robust.